What They Said…!

What They Said…!

Naomi Cao & Louise Palmer

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  • Last updated Nov 09, 2023
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Jan 24, 2024 S02 E01 01:05:52

The Perfect Match date that leaves everyone in the Studio…SPEECHLESS!!! *WARNING: THIS EPISODE MAY CONTAIN VIEWS THAT MAY BE UPSETTING TO LISTENERS* Hold on to your hats because this episode is a rollercoaster! In today’s episode! Naomi gives her take on...

Dec 14, 2023 S01 E08 01:00:24

Merry Christmas Everybody! In today’s special HOUR LONG episode (!!!): Naomi shares what she’ll be up to this Christmas which includes cooking a traditional turkey lunch for a cast of thousands, and shares crap present ideas in "Wifey Lifey" Lou brings on...